About me

Lord Henry sits on his favorite human

My name is Evert-Jan Foeth (1975) and I work as an engineer/consultant/scientist at the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands. I have an MSc and Phd (fluid dynamics) from the Technical University of Delft and spent half a year at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I work with large ship models (>12 m/35ft!) professionally, mainly cruise; ferry, and navy vessels and I specialize on propeller design and optimization. My current projects focus on reduced acoustic signatures and automated propeller design. I frequently visit other maritime research institutes, ship yards, universities, ship classification societies and conferences. My ship building hobby has little in common with my job though; most of my colleagues enjoy sailing more than naval history and couldn’t keep HMS Howe and Anson apart.

As you might have noticed, actually finishing the model isn’t that important; I enjoy finding drawings, images and information needed to build all the components of the model. I then need to find out how to actually make all these small parts by learning new construction techniques. I enjoy building parts that are more detailed and precise than most smaller-scale models and I can easily spend more time on a small gun, launch or rangefinder than some people spend on an entire model. The amount of time spent on the model increases drastically, so as a result the entire ship model is slowly going nowhere. Fortunately paint is in the process of being applied so I guess it will be over soon.

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