I updated my theme from the default wordpress theme to TONAL; it’s a bit wider so you can view all the images in their original format on a normal screen and it is less boring than the default theme. I’ll be adding a few nice custom images for each category and hope I do break not anything while doing so. I wanted to do some modeling but a) I have to repair a flat tire (done!) b) I have to replace the locks on one door (done!), c) my new batch of Winsor & Newton super-fine brushes hasn’t arrived yet (was angry at shop!) and d) I have to finish my paper for the Symposium on Marine Propellers today because tomorrow is the deadline (done!). Well, it’s mainly the last one that will keep me busy! Please let me know if you find anything terribly annoying about the theme! And remember; if the images are too large for your screen you need to buy a new PC.