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Theme updated

I updated my theme from the default wordpress theme to TONAL; it’s a bit wider so you can view all the images in their original format on a normal screen and it is less boring than the default theme. I’ll be adding a few nice custom images for each category and hope I do break not anything while doing so. I wanted to do some modeling but a) I have to repair a flat tire (done!) b) I have to replace the locks on one door (done!), c) my new batch of Winsor & Newton super-fine brushes hasn’t arrived yet (was angry at shop!) and d) I have to finish my paper for the Symposium on Marine Propellers today because tomorrow is the deadline (done!). Well, it’s mainly the last one that will keep me busy! Please let me know if you find anything terribly annoying about the theme! And remember; if the images are too large for your screen you need to buy a new PC.


Now, that speaker building project I was talking about earlier was a good exercise for building a presentation cabinet. Damage to models is rare on shows but I get incredibly nervous when people are shaking hands above my model; even a minor hit can mean irreparable damage. Our local IPMS SIG Warships leader builds his own glass cases and blackmailed me to come to a few shows in exchange for a glass cabinet built at cost. Today I made a wooden base for the model using some left-over planks from my bookcase. It should protect the model against shows, transportation, and dust.

The plank was milled to size and I cut a small ledge for the glass case. The glass is 3.0mm thick and has a bit of room to manoeuver (also in case the wood works). Although my cats aren’t an enemy of my hobby—they haven’t caused any damage to my model—today I just couldn’t get the tiny bastard out of the frame; he’d bounce back immediately after being thrown a great distance across the living room.

The model is bolted to the plank by three nuts and bolts. Recall that I started with the WEM resin hull that I fitted with fixing bolts before adding new decks. The glass case is 80 cm wide so that it fits in most book cases (I refuse to admit it is made to fit an Ikea Ivar bookcase) and is 25 cm wide and high. That’s a bit wider than strictly required, but this size will fit my next project too. A seascape will be added once I’ve thoroughly exercised making seascapes.

Yes, I assure you, cat, we are quite safe from your friends here.

Moved to a new server

The website moved to a new server and I decided to remove the blog. part from the URL; this should save you some precious time to do more modeling and the nice thing is that all links should still work. I’ll also try using a new e-mail address more: Foeth @ ontheslipway.com.

Edit: you may notice the new blog is sometimes unavailable as I’m exceeding my bandwidth. I’m in the process reducing the uploaded demand by using thumbnails for clickable images and possibily buying more bandwidth, so bear with me please ;)

Camouflage of HMSs Queen Elizabeth, Valiant, Renown, 1944

I was watching the Imperial War Museum’s DVD “The Royal Navy at War; British Pacific & East Indies Fleets”.  The British fleet was accompanied by the USS Saratoga in 1944 from which some color footage was shot. HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Valiant, and HMS Renown are depicted in their well-known Admiralty Standard Camouflage Scheme A—G45 warm light grey overall and a B20 medium blue panel on the hull—and I noticed that the main turrets and non-vertical surfaces of the secondary armament are in the same tone of blue. You’ll notice that these turrets appear darker on black & white footage as well, unlike the camouflage of other cruisers and battleships in the same scheme.

HMS Queen Elizabeth.

HMS Valiant. Note that HMS Valiant main mast is a pole mast and that HMS Queen Elizabeth has a tripod mast.

HMS Renown


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