This page is/will be my online collection of notes on the RN Ship’s Boats of WWII; it is not a reference page (yet?) and will (probably) contain errors.

There is no (comprehensive) volume available and modelers have to rely on the drawings by e.g., Underhill, Ough, or Lambert.  For my modeling I relied on John Lambert who made the largest collection of drawings, and he frequently added some additional material when I ordered yet another selection of drawings.  His work has been published by Seaforth Publishing in the British Weapons of World War II series and I cannot recommend these three volumes enough. However, the ship’s boats drawings are not in any volume. I wrote to Seaforth if they had plans to do publish these drawings as well and they showed an interest but would require someone knowledgeable on the subject to provide context; I do not know anyone who would qualify (if you do, please write to them).

Below is a list of what I have so far; some boats have/will receive a separate page. I (will) add the RAF rescue launch(es)/seaplane tenders to avoid any ‘false positives’. I know that these small craft were often made by different shipyards, so one type of boat may appear in many variants, and some boats are unique(?). Please e-mail me for comments & corrections (this will add greatly to my motivation to not delete & continue this page), or, visit the Model Warships forum.

Last update 04/01/21

List (tiny pics to be added).

Sailing Boats

14 ft Dinghy
16 ft Dinghy
25 ft Whaler
27 ft Whaler
27 ft Boarding Boat 1943
30 ft Gig
30 ft Cutter
32 ft Whaler
32 ft Cutter
34 ct Cutter
36 ft Sailing Pinnace
42 ft Sailing Launch (aux. motor)

Motor and Steam boats (Soft chine)
16 ft Motor Boat
20 ft Motor Boat
20 ft Motor Sampan
23 ft Motor Sampan
25 ft Motor Cutter
28 ft Motor Boat
30 ft Motor Pinnace
30 ft Motor Cutter
35 ft Motor Pinnace
36 ft Motor & Pulling Pinnace
36 ft Harbour Launch
41.5 ft RAF Seaplane tender
45 ft Motor Launch with Aux sails
45 ft Diesel Picket
50 ft Steam Pinnace or Picket

Fast Motor Boats (Hard chine)
16 ft Fast Motor Boat (Skimming Dish)
25 ft Fast Motor Boat 1935 (?)
25 ft Fast Motor Boat
35 ft Fast Motor Boat type I (admiral’s barge variant?)
35 ft Fast Motor Boat type II
35 ft Fast Motor Boat type II (Seaplane tender)
35 ft Fast Motor Boat type III
35 ft Fast motor boat III (admiral’s barge variant?)
45 ft Fast Motor Boat & barge

Rafts & Floats
Denton Rafts
Steam Pinnacles, Pickets and Tenders


BoatHouse 4
Boathouse No. 4 in Portsmouth contains several boats including a skimming dish, a 25ft FMB, and a 45ft Diesel Picket.

Tyne Archives
I found a list of drawings at this archives with most of the relevant ship’s boats; I asked them for a quote for reproduction and am awaiting their reply.

National Maritime Museum
Boxes upon boxes with ship’s boat’s plans; requesting quotes without an on-site inspection would be futile.

British Military Powerboat Trust
A dead website / forum that contains several informative pages on smaller craft.


May, W.E., The Boats of Mean of War, 1974 Chatham Publishing
May, W.E., The Boats of Mean of War, 1974 Maritime Monographs & Reports No 15, National Maritime Museum

(up to the age of steam)