The capstans are based on the drawings in Ross Watton’s “Anatomy of the Ship: the battleship Warspite”. I used to think this volume didn’t really contain a lot of useful drawings, but that is clearly wrong.

Being rather circular, I relied on my circle cutter by Olfa. That tool is hardly worth throwing away, but can be used with a few modifications. As you can see, I cut away some meat from the black plastic and glued the knife to the bolt that is supposed to keep the knife down. This way you make make smaller circles. The base of the part is the etched top. Spokes were added using the drawing at bottom left, eventually filled out with 15 strips. 

 All the ingredients for the forward capstan. I forgot to etch out the center for the bottom part, using the punch and die set to rectify the situation.

Forward and aft capstan, finished. Perhaps I”ll post better pics later…