Continuing from part I


With the deck painting progressing nicely I had to finish one tiny item: the six steam winches scattered around the barbettes. They are quite small and usually covered; only a few pics show them properly.

These small parts are a combination of lathed parts and a collection of styrene strip and Albion Alloy tubes/rod. These small tubes are brilliant modelling supplies and I cannot recommend them enough. A few tricky items for these parts were the drums with the five holes that I made when I wrote part I (in, ahum, 2010). Another tricky part is the small block in the front with the two curved brass wires from the side and one brass wire sticking out on top; this is a 0.75×0.75×0.5 mm “block” that actually has three holes drilled though it using the drill press. And the rest was tricky too. I should have used more etched parts to make life much easier, but making life easy was not the goal of this mini model I suppose.