Random collection of images bought over the years; copy of a previous post with all images now at high resolution plus a few new ones.

1932 (HMS Renown in the background)

1932 (HMS Renown in the background)


Not dated, but the aircraft equipment was only present from 1929 to 1933.

October 1936

1939. I think this is the nicest photo postcard I ever bought.


Image appears to be taken moments before the previous shot (Note crew on B-turret and near the whalers).

1940. Footage from 1940-1941 showing anything in detail is really rare. This one show the aft disinfector house between the forward searchlights and is a typical example of the crew paradox: the shot was taken to capture people living and working aboard HMS Hood, but they are also blocking the view to the ship.

1940. A well-known shot of the main deck; we now know Semtex was applied on the ‘wings’ of the boat deck explaining its light one.