HMS Hood has three older octuple 2 pounders, or pompoms for short. I already made a few of these models a few years back based on the drawing L/0/66 of John Lambert Plans. I even included a few etched parts.

This is the first model on the band stand on the boat deck. Looks quite good and has sufficient detail. But, two things were constantly bothering me. One, I’d found a good source of tubing from Cammet Ltd with the right size of tubing for the barrel and the cooling sleeve while this one has solid rod, and two, the newer commercial etch sets have a nicer floor representations and even ammo belts. Even though the commercial etch sets have lots of errors (lots), I feel I can do much better.

So, I spent a few days going over the drawing by John Lambert, the Vickers Photographic Archive, and some assorted pictures, and made new parts in Autocad for etching. This will be quite an interesting folding exercise! A bit of random detail will be added to the model but it’s mainly etched parts. A second larger etch is in the works which I hope to have finished soon.